BRK Investment Perspective

Hay Jim, Been reading your BRK post for years and readily developed respect for your perspective. I’ve been lucky to be a Berkshire for several years. Over the last 4 years I’ve added BRK.B Leaps to my Berk position which I roll to new Leaps six months prior to expiration (at usually 70% of BRK.B stock price). I maintain a cash ($200K) position as call protection insurance.

With each Leap execution my Vanguard Broker exclaims, “talk to you again in two years.” Not interpreted as investing advice but rather his perspective. My tactic has meshed well with Berkshire Hathaway’s history of rather predictable BV growth and option low interest cost.

I use a barbell investment strategy and have enough monthly cash flow to cover living expenses with pension, Soc Sec and Cash. Am 68 years of age and plan to begin drawing my SS in 2 years and IRA in 4 years. Have a healthy Roth balance to which I add to every Jan.

I’d welcome and encourage your BRK.B Leap tactic perspective. Risks, tactic refinements, blind spots, considerations; what am I missing?


P.S. Your perspective will not be used, even considered investment advice but, rather perspective for my consideration. Thank You!