$BROS Lupton's Deep Dive


Starbucks ($SBUX) went public in June 1992 at $17 per share however if you adjust that price for all of the stock splits over the past 30 years it takes it down to just $.27 which means $SBUX is up ~411x since the IPO. That means if you invested $10,000 in the $SBUX IPO you’d have $4.1 million today (assuming you didn’t sell any).

I certainly don’t expect $BROS to perfect anything close to $SBUX but there’s definitely an exciting growth story here that is worth paying attention to. This company is far from perfect… my two biggest knocks on $BROS are “only drive-ups” and ”no mobile ordering” but it’s very possible both of these are fixed in the next few quarters. I don’t know $BROS exact expansion strategy through the Midwest and into the Eastern states… it’s possible they will stay in the suburbs and stick with drive-ups only however if they want to be in downtown markets they might need to adjust this. However I will say that most of the Dunkin Donuts in downtown Boston are always packed and there’s rarely more than 1-2 tables to sit down so it’s possible that $BROS could stick with this approach and make it work.

As of today, $BROS is a 2% position in my portfolio, there’s a chance I’ll do some small adding in the next few weeks but mostly I’ll hold off until we get through that lockup expiration and then see if there’s a secondary offering which drops the stock 4-5% in which case I’ll do some buying.

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