Buffett Granddaughter NFT Mogul

… good to see someone making coin in the crypto universe

Warren Buffett ay Not Be Into Crypto, but His Granddaughter Is



One of my dad’s cousins also out in CA last year was making very similar art.

Must be in fashion. It is not going for much.

The contract development phase is where I am right now. Last week reading the code was daunting. This week I am getting the hand of it. After the first contract is created it will be a template for adding the rest of my 200 in total videos.

The development part of this is very complex.

My videos are received for registration with the copyrights office. The art part is done.

The value of Eth has dropped through the floor. As have my costs.

There is a lot more to this. But that would be getting into my ballgame plans.