CA DMV Accuses $TSLA of FSD/Autopilot Deception

CNBC headline: California DMV accuses Tesla of deceptive practices in marketing Autopilot and Full Self-Driving options


Sub-headline bullets:

:pushpin: In a pair of July 28 filings with California’s Office of Administrative Hearings, an official and lawyers for the DMV wrote that Tesla’s “Autopilot” and “Full Self-Driving” marketing suggest the cars are capable of operating autonomously, when in fact they can’t.

:pushpin: In a worst-case scenario, the company could temporarily lose the licenses which allow it to operate as a vehicle manufacturer and auto dealer in California.

:pushpin: Tesla has fifteen days to respond to the accusations before the administrative court, otherwise the DMV will take a default decision.

Also in this article, the latest about the NHTSA investigations:

Tesla vehicles comprised around 70%, or more than 270, of reported crashes involving these systems between June 2021 and July 2022, according to federal figures released in early July. The data isn’t meant to indicate which carmaker’s systems might be safest.

NHTSA has also initiated at least 37 special crash investigations into collisions that involved Tesla vehicles where the company’s driver assistance systems were thought to be a factor. At least 17 fatalities resulted from those collisions that inspired NHTSA special crash investigations.

NHTSA has also opened an evaluation of Tesla’s Autopilot technology to confirm whether it is defective and needs to be recalled, after a string of crashes in which Tesla vehicles struck emergency responder vehicles that were standing still.

ROTFLMAO! Mike Levine’s savage burn on Twitter. Mike Levine is from Ford $F.

Hoo Boy, wait until Elon sees this one:…


DMV case now on file here.…

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