Calculating The Intrinsic Value of a company.

Hi folks & Saul, from the little I have read, Saul has quite a few elements that distinguish him as a value investor.
He also have a lot in common with Buffett: Basically buy a wonderful company at a good price.

  1. A company that has good management.
  2. A company that excellent economics working for it. (1 Year Growth of more than 20%).
  3. A company that has a business MOAT.
  4. The intent is to hold the company forever (abandon when its either too expensive or not wonderful anymore)
  5. Buy it at a deep discount and with Margin Of Safety (1YPEG < 1).

I am using a free site that can help us better identify the intrinsic value of a business. Could also be used to see if the company is wonderful or there is evidence of sustainable MOAT.
I have used it on SKX and SWKS and discovered that they meet these criteria. I hope this will come handy to you too.

Here is the site:


Thanks for the link.

He also have a lot in common with Buffett

I was thinking more like Peter Lynch than Buffett, i.e. GARP (growth at a reasonable price). But I could be wrong.

Invest wisely my friends
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