Calif. 1st State with Universal Health Care

… you’ll never see something like that in Texas.

California will offer health insurance to all undocumented immigrants…

California will become the first state to offer all undocumented immigrants, regardless of age, state-subsidized health insurance. It’s expected to take effect in 2024 and it will make California the first state to achieve universal access to health coverage.

The historic move was part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) 2022-23 state budget allocation, which includes expanding the state’s Medi-Cal program. That provides state-funded health insurance to eligible residents and will now cover an additional 700,000 undocumented residents ages 26-49 beginning no later than Jan. 1, 2024.



Want to end illegal immigration? Make it criminal to employ them. (And at this, the likes of Tyson Foods is making phone calls and writing checks to their paid-for-representatives).

California’s economy is heavily dependent upon these people being here and doing work. It can be argued that the state is simply trying to do right to them. Texas is also heavily dependent upon illegal immigration. But Texas tends to be more exploitive than California. I know people who will speak ill, nearly evil things about illegal immigrants, while at the same time employing them and knowing it. Their business would collapse otherwise. If you think I’m exaggerating, the Texas GOP just tried to re-write school textbooks to replace “slavery” with “involuntarily relocated”.

We are currently at very low unemployment. Too low. Wage inflation is a real thing. Lower paid jobs are getting harder to fill, meaning those wages will go up as well. Workers are finally getting some power back from the JC’s and this is good to see. I suspect even the “illegals” are getting some power, and perhaps CA is the first shoe to drop?


<will now cover an additional 700,000 undocumented residents ages 26-49>

Very smart move, especially in a pandemic.

  1. The coverage will help prevent spread of contagious disease.

  2. The age limitation excludes older people who often develop expensive-to-treat diseases.

  3. The age limitation includes people of working age who can ease the labor shortage.