Finally we are able to see what the new modified and improved Magic Jack device looks like.

They now have a compelling story to tell/sell. Let’s hope we can see some results.

I encourage any investor to go and have a look since this combo is either going to make us or lose us.…

MagicJacks used to sell like hot cakes when they came out several years ago. I remember we literally could not keep them in stock for months at a time.

Nowadays, however, even mom knows how to use Skype, thanks to iPads, and iPhones. How on earth are they going to compete with WhatsApp, when calling support is implemented later this year? WhatsApp already has ~500m users, and right now they only offer text services.

I’m very interested to see how they say relevant. I imagine it’s important for some people to have a classic phone number, but I think that market is going to get smaller and smaller over time.

If anyone has any insight, please fill me in, I’m very curious!