I just received a telephone call here in Chicago from a co-worker currently vacationing in Sarajevo Bosnia. She is using the “new” MagicJack in conjunction with her cell phone. The call came through crystal clear … as if she were calling from the room next to me.

She is very pleased with the product!


Nice! Let’s hope for more anecdotal evidence like this. I need to research the product myself as I would like to help a missionary friend in Honduras reduce his international calling fees.
I can hear you now,

This looks like a great technology. However, in Europe (at least in Germany), it may be limited to travelers, because the price of calling internationally is really cheap. Using my land line, I pay the equivalent of $3.00/month to get unlimited international calls. Also, the price I pay to have a land line with unlimited calls everywhere and an internet connection (they don’t split out the individual prices) is about the equivalent of $53/month.

The most interesting aspect to this technology, however, is the ability to avoid cell phone fees, which are really high in Germany, unless one pays a flat fee. Nevertheless, it could be really expensive to make cell calls across borders.

While magicJack looks like a great technology, I wonder what kind of reaction they’ll (and other similar companies) will get from the telcos if they start taking away too much business.


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I have family down in the Caribbean, and they use facebook to call us.