Can’t we all just get along…

I apologize up front if this is off topic, but it seems to be needed right now. If it is not wanted, feel free to delete. But it seems like ever since the market has not been good for the high growth stocks favored here that the tone on many threads has gotten downright mean and certainly very antagonistic.

It is always a lot more difficult to keep a level head when the markets are not moving in your favor. (Hey, that is the way it is, volatility is why we all make money in the market).

Having said that, it seems like lately, any time a post states that a company traditionally liked here is negative, the reactions are fast and furious. It seems like it is even worse when Saul comes out with a post that does not praise a stock. Everyone needs to understand that the very basics of the stock market is that there will be some people in favor of any given stock and some against.

If you don’t agree with someone, it doesn’t mean you need to answer unless you have facts, numbers or data that gives everyone a new angle to think about.

It kind of amazes me that people in here still get very upset when Saul moves on from a previous favorite. He has always shown that he doesn’t stay forever. Just because he had moved on doesn’t mean he thinks the stock is bad. It doesn’t even mean that he no longer thinks it is excellent. It just means that he doesn’t think it is one of the best 7-10 stocks in the entire market for him! That means that out of 3000 stocks, he likes 7 or 8 better. And that it is just his opinion.

It is pointless to attack him for liking his better than the one you are talking about. And by extension, anybody else’s opinion as well.

Again, if you have data to share, if you have an angle that may cause the reader to have a new thought or just new data, by all means, post. But let’s try to stay on an analytical basis, not an emotional one. I can pretty much guarantee you that Saul doesn’t want to win any argument here. He is just trying to share his thinking… and that is much appreciated at least by me. I don’t own all of his stocks or only his stocks but I will pretty religiously read his opinion about a stock because I want to hear it.

As Rodney King said, can’t we all just get along? So the next time you post, please read it again before you post and make sure the emotion is gone and the interesting facts remain so that we can all continue to benefit from this fantastic forum.

PS:also don’t add to this thread unless you have something truly worthwhile to add and get back to discussing high growth stocks…