Canada adding to their Nuclear power plant

“New nuclear generation is going to be critical to building the clean grid of the future,” said Todd Smith, Ontario’s energy minister.



The original post referred to the Bruce plant in Canada. Bruce is the largest nuclear power location in Canada, with 8 operational reactors, but it isn’t the only location.

Yesterday, the Ontario government announced that four BWRX-300 plants are now planned to be built at the Darlington site, which currently has 4 operating reactors.

The BWRX-300 is GE-Hitachi’s small modular reactor, with 300 MW-electric of power. This announcement is important, since it would be a departure from Canada’s usual use of heavy water for reactor moderation. The BWRX-300 is a light-water plant, and will use enriched uranium fuel. Again, this is a departure from Canada’s normal use of natural, unenriched fuel.

About the BWRX-300:

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