Canada could replace Russia Exports

Yeah, the lack of pipelines to the coasts issue, not like we aren’t trying but we have BC in the way? We do have Trans mountain but somehow shipping oil from the West coast of Canada to Europe while doable doesn’t have the charm of doing it from the East Coast.

Our PM pointed out this morning that we import almost zero oil from Russia and are mostly self sufficient but that doesn’t really solve the shortage problem.

We have the Newfoundland Offshore but their product is mostly spoken for.

Crude oil is shuttled from the Hibernia and Terra Nova fields to the NTL terminal. From there the crude oil is transported to market by smaller conventional tankers, capable of accessing ports along the eastern seaboard of Canada, the US and the Gulf of Mexico.…


Canada could help replace key Russia exports: National Bank
Randy Thanthong-Knight, Bloomberg News

Canada and other commodity powerhouses can help replace key exports as Western sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine isolate Russia’s economy and reduce global supplies of everything from gas to lumber, according to National Bank of Canada economists.

The two economists, writing as global commodity prices surged following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order to invade Ukraine, noted the close similarities between Canadian and Russia export baskets. Both countries are key exporters of crude oil, natural gas, aluminum, lumber, wheat, iron and gold.

And prices for many of these commodities are surging as wave after wave of sanctions designed to halt Russia’s widely-condemned invasion choke off the global supply.

However, there’s little Canada can do in the short term to increase supplies of oil and gas to Europe because it does not have the necessary pipeline infrastructure to its coasts,