Capital One Ad Pop Up - Very Annoying

Hey Fools - is anyone else experiencing the very, very annoying Capital One Ad? It’s popping up every time I open up a post. Just started happening today so was curious.



Not me.

AdBlock Plus … never see ads here at all.


Not here either…using vanilla Firefox. Could be some browser extension you need to disable/uninstall.

Yes here, maybe because we are in Boston area? I installed the ad block extension from Chrome, it worked well, but handicapped the Marketwatch webpage.


You could add your voice here…

Or just get AdBlock Plus

Yes. I was getting that with EVERY click today too. Very annoying. Installed Chrome, Extension Ad Blocker and it stopped. However, like another member posted, it means I have to turn it off for other uses. Not happy…

It’s happening to me, too. What Fool do we contact to get it to stop?

…the ones that don’t own Criteo :wink: