We're back, baby

I’m attempting to post because I think the new board appears to be up and running. Thanks to Jen and Tony and everyone else at the Fool – I’m sure this was quite an undertaking! I’m also sure it will take us all some time to get used to, but I’m glad we can get started.

Just so this post isn’t complete fluff, and because I want to test out the new copy and paste feature, here’s something I put together this weekend and tweeted:

As you can see, looks to me like we currently have some great opportunities to accumulate shares of our favorite companies. I’m looking forward to getting back to discussing these!



Copy & paste is FANTASTIC!! Really looking forward to portfolio updates with more color and formatting.

Bear, I agree, what a great time to invest. I realized in a couple days I’ll have about a month’s worth of investment funds (401K contribution & HSA investment contribution) to invest!!


Hi Bear, it must be pointed out that not only are most of the stock prices down, but it’s a quarter later so last 12 month revenue is up maybe 15% on all of the companies.



It says we can use Markdown!! I strongly suggest spending some time with this cheat sheet (LOVE that we can do in-line links now!!!) because it is a really great way to add formatting and supported by quite a few sites. You can even try this and see a preview right here to the right of your post as you type! Some basics:

  • Italics - surround the word with single *
  • bold - surround the word with single **
  • bold and italics - surround the word with single ***
  • Inline fixed-width - suround the word with single ` (that is a back-tick on the same key as the tilde (~)
  • A block quote is a line that starts with a > !

  • Type three --- on an empty line and make a separator


Headers can be done by adding # or ## or ### at the start of a line to set the level"

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4, etc…


Fixed Width Text Blocks

"Preformatted" text in a text block. This is great for posting 
quick tables that are already 
                      in columns!

The above is done by putting three backticks (```) on a line all alone, above and below the text. Tip: Put the three backtics in above and below an empty line before you start typing in to it so you can see the preview live on the right. Tricky bit: This is actually designed to make posting code pretty, so it will try and color the text in a way you probably don’t want. Simply add some letters after the first line, such as the word “text” like so:

| ```text
| I type stuff here
| ```

and It looks like

I type stuff here

…seems complicated but once you do it a time or two it is very nice to use.

Here is a table of CRWD’s recent revenue and YoY growth pasted in to what I show above.

                     Jul-22	Apr-22	Jan-22	Oct-21	Jul-21	Apr-21	Jan-21
Total revenues  	 487.8	431.0	380.1	337.7	302.8	264.9	232.5
Revenue growth  	 61.1%	62.7%	63.5%	69.7%	70.1%	74.2%	85.8%


…and if you really want to spend some time, you can even use tables:

Jul-22 Apr-22 Jan-22 Oct-21 Jul-21 Apr-21 Jan-21
Total revenues 487.8 431.0 380.1 337.7 302.8 264.9 232.5
Revenue growth 61.1% 62.7% 63.5% 69.7% 70.1% 74.2% 85.8%

This might seem like more work but you can be very messy! Just add in the right number of | and such and it shows up nice! The above looks like the following mess before it becomes the nice table above:

|  | Jul-22|	Apr-22|	Jan-22	|Oct-21|	Jul-21|	Apr-21|	Jan-21|
| -----------  | -----------  | -----------  | -----------  | -----------  | -----------  | ----------- |  ------------ |
| Total revenues | 	 487.8|	431.0|	380.1	|337.7|	302.8|	264.9	|232.5|
|Revenue growth  	| 61.1%	|62.7%	|63.5%	|69.7%	|70.1%	|74.2%	|85.8%

Pretty cool!


One question
What features/functions/idiosyncrasy creates/allows the slidebar for content that is too wide for the display area?

(I know this is off topic, but I barely know how the new boards work, and RafesUserName’s post is the best I have seen all over the site on how to post nicely in the new system.)