Car fire data

Due to the sensationalized Teslas on fire stories, I’ve been wondering when data would show up.

Thanks to intercst, over on METaR, here it is.
I want it on NPI, for reference.

Hybrid Cars Burn More Often Than Electric And Gas-Powered Cars Combined: Study…

Analysts from AutoInsuranceEZ examined data from the National Transportation Safety Board to track the number of car fires and compared it to sales data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

 **Car type         Fires per        Total**
 **100,000 sold      Fires**
**Hybrid.               3,475         16,051**
**Gasoline (ICE)        1,530        199,533**
**Electric vehicles(EV)    25             52** 

The study claims these figures are for the entire year of 2021.

Interestingly, the “tone” of the article is kind of “disbelief”?

In 2020, the number of cars recalled due to fire risk:

**Hybrid.     32,100**
**Gas/ICE  1,085,800**
**EVs.       152,000**

This data will change for 2021 (Bolt fire recall).

The stats are surprising due to the coverage EV fires have gotten across many media outlets, including from us. Chalk it up to the novelty of EVs, maybe. It’s really no surprise that electric cars are going to be scrutinized more than their combustion-powered counterparts. But what is most surprising is that among these methods of propulsion, hybrids proved to be the most fire-prone.

Now. Will mainstream media report this information next time an EV burns?

The comments suggest the readers don’t care for the data… and include this snippet:
His unshielded hand got too close (still good 50 cm — almost 2 ft in Freedom Units)

ralph how do I get the font size in the tables to be larger? I don’t think I’ve encountered this small size before.

how do I get the font size in the tables to be larger?

**You don't but bold helps**
**how do I get the font size in the tables to be larger?** 

One fire sensationalized by the press got it backwards, it wasn’t the Tesla that burned the house down but the house set the Tesla on fire.

Tesla is vindicated over fire after salvaged car buyer reveals video showing how fire originated

A video emerged showing that the fire didn’t originate from the electric vehicle.…

Why do they hate Tesla? Tesla does NOT advertise, it’s a money loser for the media. A winner for investors!

Denny Schlesinger