Two interesting EV stories today

The Times has two interesting stories on EV’s in today’s paper. (I suppose the word “paper” will long outlive its use as the actual medium for delivering news, just as “glove compartment” remains the nom-de-choice for the storage compartment in cars, even though “gloves” are so rarely stored there. But I digress.)

I have gifted both articles for non-subscribers. First:

This is a known issue, of course, but given the dramatic cold that’s hitting the country right now, there are a lot of “don’t own a charger at home” (for whatever reason) for whom the decreased range and/or lack of public charging facilities has them rethinking the whole thing.

And second:

In this article some are advocating a change in the incentives, away from broad, general rebates available to everyone and more towards heavy drivers, the idea being that reducing gas/diesel usage (and therefore emissions) should be the key ingredient, and people who drive over 100 miles a day will have a greater impact than someone who jaunts to the grocery store and back once or twice a week.

Anyway, more EV news in the, uh, news.


I wonder what the younger generation makes of the mysterious symbol for the old-style telephone receiver.

That unique shape is familiar to oldsters but has no relation to the modern rectangular cell phone shape (which is useless as a symbol).


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Or the rotary phone itself:


On my :iphone: the old-style telephone receiver symbol :telephone_receiver: means not “a telephone” but rather “I wish to have a live audio only call with someone.”

Language, symbolic written and spoken, changes with technology.

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Or, saying “tick tok tick tok” to someone, to imply that time is passing. When was the last time any of us had a watch with a balance wheel, or a pendulum clock?


That’s a good approach. Or, another way to put it, if your boat is leaking, patch the big holes first.


Got a grandmother clock in my front hall … my father made it. Nice chimes.

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