Carnival Cruiser MIA

The United States Coast Guard is looking for a handcuffed woman who disappeared after jumping over the rail of a Carnival Cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico. According to witnesses, an altercation unfolded Wednesday afternoon in the “hot tub area” on the 10th floor of the ship, which was about 150 miles from the coast of Southwest Pass, Louisiana. “Security got her out of the hot tub,” one passenger told WAFB 9. “Whenever they got to take her into custody, apparently she was upset and went over the rail.” Other witnesses claim the woman, 32, hit lifeboats when she jumped before disappearing into the water. According to FOX 8, the crew tried to mark her location with flares, and the ship searched the waters for hours. The coast guard has since taken charge of the mission.


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No need to put her on a no sail list.