Casy's Investor Presentation…

It’s in this SEC filing. Just click on it and scroll.


It’s quite interesting slides by the way.

Thanks, Saul. I really like this company. The consistent growth in the prepared food and fountain category coupled with the eventual addition of online ordering should keep them profitable for a long time to come.

Also enjoyed the slide of the senior gentleman making sub sandwiches. One of the potential problems of expanding the prepared food and fountain is the need for more employees to staff this area. Glad to see Casey’s is tapping into the senior market for some of its staffing needs.

Finally, I love the potential for geographical expansion with the addition of the Terre Haute facility. Ohio and Michigan alone have hundreds of small towns where a Casey’s would be able to compete with the existing c-stores and show them how it’s done.


p.s. Thanks for the continuing education. This is by far the best board in fooldom.

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