Catching up on the SaaS platforms

I posted about all the recent changes happening on a lot of the SaaS providers we follow, focusing on the new product lines and platform pivots of CRWD, DDOG, NET, FSLY, OKTA, TWLO, ZM and SNOW.

Simplifying it all:

Crowdstrike is making device posture a key component of Zero Trust.

Datadog keeps expanding integrations and is now making incident and error tracking collaborative tools over the data. Plus added a marketplace for partner apps built over their platform.

Fastly bought SignalSciences for API/app protection and finally released Compute@Edge (to extremely limited availability).

Cloudflare keeps innovating at a rapid rate. Durable Objects in Workers has the potential to really expand what edge serverless can do. Cloudflare One expands their cybersecurity features further by adding in their other services (WAF and DDoS protection), plus enhancements to Access (Zero Trust auth) over any SaaS tool (not just internal apps, like Zscaler ZPA).

Twilio bought, a customer data focused company that helps collect sales & marketing data, analyze it, and track customer profiles from it.

Zoom added a marketplace for Zoom-based workshops and events, and added Zoom Apps, allowing collaboration apps (like Slack and Jira) to be viewable/accessible directly inline the Zoom call by each participant.

Snowflake added Snow Park, a new set of APIs to allow inline compute on ingest from a variety of languages, like they do on the analytical side. This allows all kinds of custom capabilities on ingest pipelines (new data into db) and in-db data transformation (ELT, manipulation of data inline in the db for analytical purposes).