Champ check in

Hope this was a good/great/epic Summer for you!

(coughs from the dust he kicked up)

We haven’t seen you around these parts. Reckon it was high time to mosey on over and…I have no idea why I am talking Western.

Anyway - hope you are good and all is well!



That´s right Champ, your last post was like one month ago!
Where have you been?
Hope that you and DW are enjoying your vacantion!

Hi all,
Just wanted to share that I can verify that a Champ sighting has occurred and he and his family are doing well, and life has just been busy.

He may post before the year is up.

So hands off his Peruvian memory foam seat cushions and his priceless Han Solo beer koozie (keeps them as cold as Carbonite) and he will be back when he is back.

I feel confident in passing along that he hopes you and yours all enjoy the holidays!



Fantastic. Thanks for the update. I have never posted before on this thread but I followed it religiously because Champ’s posts were always interesting, informative, and most importantly (especially in this down market) humorous.


Well done, Dreamer!
I hope Champ will be back soon and keep his board alive.

What about “The Peripheral” (Amazon Prime) I cant believe you´re not watching it!

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