Change FOOL to Motley Saul?

Was just perusing through the Best Of Posts and noticed that 22 of the 25 “best of” posts came from this board!

Perhaps this is an important business observation for the FOOL that has tried to offer everything to everyone…in so doing has diluted itself into mediocrity.

Who can possibly keep track of the hundred of boards or even establish meaningful conversations on so many boards? Who possibly has the time…unless you have no other life??

This is the power that Saul has brought to the FOOL…and perhaps the direction that the FOOL needs to go in the future…become master’s of a few and not masters of none.

The FOOL has brought each of us an incredibly powerful tool to crowdsource investments…truly a great resource whose backbone is the FOOL itself but whose contributors are largely the open source community…the Github of the investment world.

In that context, each of us has only a finite attention span, finite energy level, finite discretionary time to deliver on these boards, etc.

The FOOL would do well to consider these issues and evaluate what has happened here at Saul’s place…why are people here, what else could they be doing in their lives, why aren’t they on some other obscure FOOL board posting away right now.

Too many boards, too many active RB stocks…dilution is not a good thing.

Anyway , congrats to this open source community for what you have accomplished…it comes in a close second to the NPI :slight_smile:


thank GOD i found this board, id still be stumbling in the dark. But now SO MUCH SENCE! :slight_smile:

Thanks Saul and Co.

I tried my best to even it out a bit for NPI. :slight_smile:

Time for a weekend break, and fingers crossed on maybe some trade resolution news over the weekend to really take the tension out of the markets and keep the cloud/saas/streaming/AI stock momentum (like today) going into the Q2 ER season fast approaching!

have a good weekend all,