On the idea of another board

Subtitle: Maximizing the board’s value pt 2

In this post I spoke about something each of us to do to make the board better: http://discussion.fool.com/maximizing-the-board39s-value-3300588…

I still think the best thing for us all to do for the board is make sure our posts are as valuable as possible. I’ve also learned to ignore the value-less posts. I am always happy to see a thoughtful answer to a new poster’s thoughtful question, as I tried to offer here: http://discussion.fool.com/welcome-to-the-board-hermionew-very-w… but if someone posts something completely useless like this: http://discussion.fool.com/individual-stocks-32078818.aspx then I think we on the board are right to ignore it.

Yep, that was me just over 2 years ago. I was kind of mad no one liked my great picks, but I kept reading the board because of all the valuable posts by other posters. Eventually I learned to imitate them.

When you post without putting in some effort to really articulate yourself and explain your point, it creates a culture of this behavior – others also post without putting in much thought. Before we know it, a larger and larger percentage of posts are just noise, and not worth reading.

I voted “I don’t care” and I see no problem with anyone starting other boards, but I don’t think it’s going to alleviate much of the dross here. New posters won’t know to go there anyway. They’ll have to learn the ground rules here like we all did, or fade away.

My take is that the only way to breed good content is to exemplify it. That’s what I experienced when I started posting here, and I believe it will continue to work.



You got nearly 100 responses to the last poll. In the public boards, that is a really strong number. Most boards seem to have dwindling participation.

Why mess with a winner. Keep doing what you are doing. It is working well.