Charlie Munger passes at 99

Just happened to come across this now. RIP Charlie Munger


Thank you for posting. Dave and I really benefitted from his books and listening to him speak.

Am gonna send condolences to Kiewitt.



We will miss you Charlie. RIP.

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The most important thing to remember about Charlie is that without him, Warren isn’t Warren. Yes, he did quite well with the cigar but(t) strategy of Ben Graham, but it was Charlie who convinced Warren to completely change focus from buying crappy companies on the cheap to buying wonderful companies at fair prices.

I’m sure Warren will miss him, not just because of the friendship they long had, but because he was a sounding board which sounded several times daily if both his and Warren’s words are to be believed.

Here’s to you, Charlie. A great life, well lived.


Perhaps. Charlie is great in his own right but he is not Warren.
Warren is a true genius.

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I watched Charlie’s last interview with Becky Quick. He looked so exhausted…

Still feel sad that he is gone