ChatGPT is not a stock broker, but it does have an attitude

If you haven’t heard, the latest rage in AI chat bots is called ChatGPT. It takes in English queries and answers them. Sometimes it is flat wrong, or makes no sense. Other times it is surprisingly good and accurate. I’ve given it several lines of obscure Perl code (what Perl code is not obscure?) and it does an incredible job of explaining what it does.

However, it is not a stock picker. And… it can have an attitude. :smiley:

(I am going to bet that it was pre-programmed to give this advice on stock advice). One person at work seems to have got around that problem by phrasing the question differently and ask it to create a C++ function to return an array of expected annual stock price returns for various stock ticker symbols.


That’s beautiful! I never coded in C++ so I may have to ask this question using a different language :wink:

Does it also know about individuals? I’d like to ask it how much it knows about me.

==> I’d have to use my real name I guess.

And yet another way to get around it’s limitations. :smiley:


So I went to use the service and I logged on with my google account and then it asked me to verify my phone number. At that point, I opened another browser session and had a look at their Privacy Policy. I stopped there.

==> they can do anything they want with the information they collect from you and there is no way to elect “Do Not Share”.


By that standard you are all bots. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

uh oh that is all sentient life in an android robot will be doing…huh…

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