Apple introduces Ferret!

Multimodal AI, and it beats Chat GPT… I missed it in December…

I wonder if this can be used for more than just images. That would be where the true utility would lie in my opinion.

Apparently it’s to be used to bump up Siri, and now the new Journal App, I haven’t played with Journal yet, but we’ll see what comes along later this year, pretty long videos…A whole new world…

I missed news of Ferret entirely. I’ll have to look into it more, but to tell the truth, I’ve not been impressed with ChatGPT (3.5, not eager to pay for ChatGPT 4), if that’s the current gold standard for LLMs. From my POV, while ChatGPT is orders of magnitude more articulate than other chatbots, it still strikes me as a descendant of Eliza. Okay, that’s an insult, but what I mean is that the answers to so many of my queries follows what seems to be a set thought pattern – a sort of query-response where the responses fill a template, whereas a human response would be more freeform. Now, I assume ChatGPT 4 is better, but would it still be template-like to me? Some day I’ll check it out.

Oh, and ChatGPT 3.5 isn’t great at math.


I’d missed its release completely, too much else going on over the holidays, I guess, and I haven’t been following the whole Chat sequence as I didn’t see where I might apply it… Time to catch up, I guess!!

The thing about them all is that they won’t let you do any stock analysis. They are probably really good at that. An AI engine can learn the market and pick up subtle trends that would be profitable - but if you ask any financial related question about the markets/indexes they say we don’t have any current information in stocks/indexes blah blah blah. I think that when they do bring that out, you will have to pay to play…doc

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