Checking to see if anyone from the LL board has made it here?

…and hoping they have!

BL Home Fool

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HI Murph, how are you doing?

I’m here. Watching for new postings. Of course its much more fun when the trends are upward!! One of these days. Patience required.

Sorry to be so tardy in reply, Naj!

Been out in the woods in the Nantahala National Forest on our annual fall leaf family campout, with kids, grandkids and the first great-grandkid!

Great time; awesome leaf color-pretty near peak for the NC mountains.

BL Home Fool

NC is beautiful, I miss it sometimes, but the leaves up in Bucks County nearby are similarly amazing!


It’s great that people found their way over. Now do we have any investments to talk about.

Tesla is reporting numbers after close today. So far after hours pricing is down a bit. Less than stellar numbers but look pretty good. More due at 5:30 pm Eastern time.

Tesla with a beat and a miss on top line. IBM beats on both. Market could be, maybe bottoming around here? October always a good month to put in a low, esp if you think the economy bottoms in 6 months and the Fed is off the pedals by then.