China company abandons Arkansas project that never started


I notice a pattern here.


The US and EU are committed to the same pattern in China. I do not know if the reasons are the same. I doubt it.

What companies have promised to build factories in China and then pulled out?

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Short memory?

The trade war, then the pandemic, suddenly tech restrictions…and now US infrastructure spending at home to displace Chinese manufactured goods globally.

Every major American company has done a rug pull in China. All of these companies talk for years about their plans to get incentives and permissions to build factories. They are not fly by night operations. All those promises over dinner have been and are being yanked.


I thought you meant that companies were pulling out of deals they had made to influence politics. What you are describing is nations using companies to influence policies.

All the same. Politics is for policies. Policies are what determines politics.

Western corporations far famous for buying foreign politicians if that is what you mean.