China & Covid-19

Per the headline, China is taking steps to support its services sector.
some items–
Thirty-one supportive measures were announced on Friday to shore up catering, retail, tourism, railway/road transportation and civil aviation – five industries that bear the brunt of the pandemic’s economic onslaught which are major job generators.

Also, small and micro-sized businesses will receive a rent break or rent exemption. But this only applies if they are leased houses from state-owned enterprises.

China’s GDP grew by 18.3 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2021, the fastest in three decades, but has since receded. In the fourth quarter, growth was only at 4 percent.

Fast start out the gate in 2021, then it tapered off. That Q4 2021 slowdown, how much was due to the government restrictions on industry pre-Olympics? Do things pick up right after the Olympics end? Or will it take a few months to kick-start things?…

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Thanks for this news. My daughter lives in China. I have a little idea about how Covid is affecting her everyday life: no travel to speak of, including me visiting her, but obtaining goods which are shipped from other areas of China and SE Asia seems to be OK*. I’ve been seeing a little about how China cannot continue the zero Covid policy much longer. It affects me personally, so I try to pay attention. THAT is pretty hard considering the disasters here in the US and of course war in Ukraine, etc.

I notice not too many here were interested in this topic. I certainly think it is a METARs topic, but many people here don’t know very much about China-US trade? I find that hard to believe.

*Heather recently bought some items on Taobao (English translated Alibaba) and had them shipped to me. It is an experiment of sorts, to see if it is affordable and how long it takes.