COVID not over for China…

The link talks about the anger, as well as the government’s concentration on shutting down protests, about a bus crash of COVID confinees. More important is that, as the rest of the world has pretty much thrown in the towel over the pandemic, China continues a policy of trying to stamp out every instance of the disease within its boundaries.

They have done an “admirable” job of holding the number of cases down to a few hundred a day in a country with a quarter of the world’s population, but unless they hermetically seal the country from outsiders as well as to people who do business with outsiders, it is unreasonable to expect them to ever be able to completely get rid of COVID and, with their less than world-class non-mandatory vaccines, their population will remain vulnerable.

Why should we care? The disruptions which continue to plague (no pun intended) China eventually cause supply chain problems in the US and Europe. The continued stress over the pandemic also means the Chinese government is under constant tension from this (along with other major issues) and more likely to act externally for domestic political reasons.

China’s COVID policy, going into its third year, is beginning to cause a series of major shifts in the world’s financial and commercial infrastructure which further complicates our lives.



It is only about social control in China. The other news is much worse.

I wonder if there’s any movement in the Chinese government to allow foreign vaccines in? Moderna was in the news briefly last week after their CEO mentioned they had been talking to Chinese authorities about that, and Moderna indicated their willingness to supply them.