China EV Market

The above article goes on about on one hand Chinese made are much cheaper but on the other no longer have the tax credit. blah blah

What I found interesting is below:
About 27% of new vehicle sales in China last year were electrified (either pure EVs or hybrids), says advisory firm Automobility. And given the number of Chinese buyers, those sales made up about two-thirds of the global EV market.

EV companies like Geely, Xpeng, Li Auto, NIO, and more are gaining traction. Their market share in China rose 17% in 2022, while that of non-Chinese automakers dropped 11%. (Firm BYD alone sold nearly 1.8 million battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in China last year — surpassing Tesla’s 1.3 million worldwide.)

BYD’s China sales are it’s worldwide sales. Very few BYD EVs are exported.


One thing to remember about the Chinese auto market is that it is far from a free market. They ration the number of license plates and last I head they are favoring NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) over ICE vehicles. I believe the license plates are quite expensive. I haven’t followed it in any detail so take it with a pinch of salt.

The Captain