China EV tariff now 100% in US market. US tariffs on other China imports also raised


This is happening all over the place in the US economy.

Here is an example for aluminum manufacturing:


How come the USA is not listed? :imp:

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…and in response:

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Until end of Putin’s war on Ukraine and threats to other neighbors, and Xi’s increasingly hysterical insistence on CCP control of all things Chinese, including Taiwan and sea lanes out to the “7 dash line”, the world’s economy will be in for a very rocky ride.

The fall of the Soviet Union led to inviting the entire world into a neo-liberal optimized system of trade and relative peace. We are still adjusting to the reality that no such system has or will soon arise.

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The US doesn’t really export aluminum in large quantities. China exports over $40B, Germany exports over $20B, the US exports about $1B, almost all to Mexico likely for US-owned factories anyway.

US aluminum exports are about $14 billion a year, and imports are around $28 billion a year.