China Housing: CCP Has Lost Control of Narrative

Australia’s Stockhead headline: China’s zero-PROPERTY policy: The one lockdown China’s Communist Party can’t face

July 19, 2022 | Christian Edwards

My note: You’ll want to view this short video clip all the way through from inside China’s protests. The plain clothes cops looked to be have the upper hand with their brutality, but then the mob got bigger and turned on them. At the very end it looks like maybe uniformed troops arrive to “quell” this disturbance:…

China really does appear to be vulnerable to this humungous property snot-bubble that’s been decades in the making. The most recent sighting of the monster’s true form is by far the most frightening – brazen flash-mob style protests by locally organised mortgage boycotters which have quickly spread.

About a week ago, these scenes erupted in Zhengzhou, Henan Province:

p.s. The video is only 1:20 minutes long

Refusing to pay any more for unbuilt homes, protestors gathered, probably hoping not to be beaten, but certainly bracing for it. But it’s the plain clothed police/thugs which are probably most concerning.

Further down in this report from Australia built on leaked news from within China: June makes the 10th straight month of falling home values:

If anything, zero-COVID has shown that more than ever they can crush injustices with absolute confidence. But what might be bothersome, even disturbing for officials, is that residential dwelling values are carking it again. The stats people make June the 10th straight month of home value declines.

It’s quite easy to beat people for falling victim to a system, but not even provincial government goons can scare the safety back into Chinese property and its inconceivable debts.

It will be keeping Premier Li Keqiang and his State Council up nights. Tasked with leading relief strategies aimed at securing stability in a worsening crisis, the highly capable Premier could pay for his popularity by taking the fall for a Chinese property reckoning 20 years in the making.

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