China is willing to be friends with the U.S?

** China is willing to be “a partner and a friend” of the United States, Chinese leader [Xi Jinping] told American business leaders in San Francisco on Wednesday, as he sought to court US businesses amid a decline in foreign investment in China.**

Hmmm so much bull being spread by XI, wasn’t he just telling Putin that they were best buddies.



He is not really the best and the brightest.

He just brutally has control.

The entire country sees through him. It is the most unifying point.

Meanwhile, the evening network news was huffing and puffing about the Chinese building a container port in Peru, as if it meant the death of western civilization.


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The truth is Western civilization is fighting back competitively.

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Xi has come to realize that China is not the only show in town. US investment in China are pulling back. The U.S. supply chain has moved elsewhere; The firms in the United States have reoriented their supply chain for goods when China went into shut-down. Many see non -belligerent nations as a more consistent alternative.