Foreign direct investment in China down 87%

Foreign direct investment plunged 87 percent from April through June, compared with the same months last year, according to Nomura, a Japanese bank. That is the lowest quarterly level since modern records began in early 1998…



And it has now turned negative.

The shift was reflected in balance-of-payments data for the July-September quarter released Friday by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. FDI came to minus $11.8 billion, with more withdrawals and downsizing than new investments for factory construction and other purposes. This marked the first negative figure in data going back to 1998…

Looking at foreign investment in the semiconductor field by destination, China’s share has already shrunk from 48% in 2018 to 1% in 2022, according to U.S. research firm Rhodium Group. In contrast, the U.S. share rose from zero to 37%. The combined share of India, Singapore and Malaysia grew from 10% to 38%.


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How does China overtake America without foreign investment? With capital flight?

The Captain
does not worry about China, just a repeat of Japan not taking over the world.

Curious factoid, when Japan bought Pebble Beach and Rockefeller Center they remained in California and New York respectively. The Japanese just sending cash back to America.