China Needs Attention

I am currently visiting in Soller, Mallorca, Spain, where husband and I lived for 6 years and still have many friends. It is an historically hard to get to almost unknown small little place, but is stunningly beautiful, and now has exponential growth of visitors.

I was stunned by the number of young smart aspiring college educated visitors from Hong Kong and other advanced locales of China, a group I had never seen visiting before (a few guided tours of older wealthy Chinese were normal, and I had previously seen RICH privileged young Chinese in London and Amsterdam). I spoke with one youngster group and they (quietly) made it clear – they were looking for a place to live as refugees…

The collapse of China is accelerating, and I am seeing some of the uncontrolled consequences.

I see evidence of this accelerating in all sorts of ways beyond economics.

Brace brace brace.

And looking out my window when I flew out of Guanajuato, Mexico I was stunned by the number of new warehouses and factories below me. That is where the capital is going as China goes nuts, and the strengthening of the peso vs world currencies over the last year underlines that process.

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Thanks for posting the video. Very informative and, in many ways, quite frightening. I can see China using the invasion of Taiwan as an attempt to distract the Chinese population, much like Putin has done with the Ukraine. As a bonus, a war can revive their economy, although the effects are short term but counterproductive in the long term as money is invested in non-productive assets.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

“Wagging the dog” didn’t work out so well for the Argentine and Greek juntas.


And it won’t work well for Russia, either.

Unfortunately, we’re not dealing with people who have the ability to learn from past mistakes.

One of the goals of the Russia war in Ukraine is to provide an abject lesson to China about “mistakes”. It’s no accident that we are dribbling supplies to Ukraine, and not allowing them to take decisive actions (like destroying every Russian ship in proximity, or eliminating most of the productive Russian air force). The point is to slowly bleed Russia dry, reduce their forces, reduce their number of young males, reduce their economy, reduce their hegemony in the area, etc.