China's C919 Makes it Debut-Should Boeing Be Worried?
Beijing’s C919 airliner, a potential rival to Western-made Boeing and Airbus planes, made its first foray outside Chinese territory on Sunday by staging a flyby at the Singapore Airshow.

The single-aisle jet, manufactured by the state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac), is a prominent symbol of Beijing’s broader “Made in China” strategy, which aims to reduce reliance on foreign manufacturers.

China calls the C919, which can carry just under 200 passengers, its first large homegrown passenger jet. The aircraft took to the skies for its first commercial flight last May. It s certified to carry passengers only within mainland China and flies with China Eastern Airlines.

C919 specs:

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Right now Boeing should be worried by just anyone making things with wings.

The Captain


From what I have read no Boeing does not have to worry about China for the next decade. The standards and working relations between the Chinese manufacturer and the FAA are a long way off. Same with the EU and Airbus.

China is one of Boeing’s largest customers. China has already certified the C919 to fly domestically, and you can be sure there is pressure - and rah rah nationalism - that is going to get domestic Chinese airlines to switch. They can’t do it all at once, of course: training, parts availability, and a lot more come into play, but yes Boeing should be worried.

Even if they didn’t have a crumbling reputation and management confusion and criminal liabilities hanging over their head, the C919 counts as a big development. China has already been slowing purchases of Boeing equipment, the Chinese regulator is being, uh, unfriendly and unhelpful, and Boeing’s own projections are that China will become the largest airline market in the world by 2040.

Yeah, they should be worried.


The C919 will quickly dominate the Chinese shorter hop market. Possibly middling hop, the length of China.

Boeing has a better bet because Central Europe will drop a few notches with supply-side economics in its manufacturing prowess.

The Chinese market by 2040? With earned incomes falling in China? Has Boeing ever failed to guess correctly in anything? You are dooming them and then holding up their MBA studies. Both are wrong. Stop listening to Boeing for facts. At least wait till the current MBA is no longer CEO. The next MBA needs space to screw up.

He/she has all the space needed to screw up. Just NOT ON/OVER EARTH.

The US may start to restrict American planes export to China under the pretext they are converting them into military ones, like the US is already restricting semis exports to China.
Also, Boeing planes are falling off the sky. That is just not good for capitalism.

That eventual switch is not about nationalism. It is about pragmatism.


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