Climate Change Bringing Zombie Trout to Montana

… this is right out of “The Last of Us”.

Blind trout with cauliflower fungus on their heads swimming around in circles.



Wake up folks.

Not just zombie fish, but

Extremely Expensive Deadly Society Destroying Flooding worldwide
Not just droughts but permanent dessications hitting ancient food belts
Centuries of infrastructure becoming valueless because built for vanished climates
(hey, future tourists may “enjoy” it)
As Himalayan ice melts and weather changes at the top of watersheds of the huge populations of China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, all fundamentally agruculturally and cultrually dependent on those flows, look out!

On a piddling level, as shown by rising SE USA coastal home insurance rates, gigantic macroeconomic effects are starting to line up to hit us that will require wisdom and prudence of our political systems, but, uhm, wisdom and prudence seem in extremely short and rapidly shortening supply. GCC has fueled demogoguery and how will that not worsen?

We need to wake up regarding risks to our portfolios that are currently much harder to discern! A lot of investments are falling into rapidly increasing risk. And as any systems engineer can tell you, complex systems can fall apart with stunning rapidity and in chaotic unpredictable sequences.

david fb

david fb


Instead of WaPo, let’s look at what the IPCC has to say about flood trends globally.

• “There is low confidence about peak flow trends over past decades on the global scale…”

• “a low confidence in general statements to attribute changes in flood events to anthropogenic climate change…”

• “Attributing changes in heavy precipitation to anthropogenic activities cannot be readily translated to attributing changes in floods to human activities…”

• “there is low confidence about human influence on the changes in high river flows on the global scale…”