Cloudera reported (hortonworks competitor)

Cloudera had a nice quarter, revenue increasing by 41% yoy, subscription revenue up 50% yoy. Net expansion rate 136%. Gross margin 73% up for 69%.

All in all in looked good and I can see why they are valued more than Hortonworks(HDP). But then!!! they guided 25% CAGR through 2020 compared to 40ish % over the last couple of years. They really seemed to be stumbling over themselves trying to explain why the sudden de-accleration (the physics lover in me hates that term). I’ll be interested to read the whole transcript when it is available. This could either be really good for HDP or really bad. Either way I’d guess HDP drops tomorrow. Good if people think HDP has the better service so cloudera is losing business to HDP. Bad if that entire space is slowing down.


FYI, stock dropped almost 30% afterhours.