CNBC: $TSLA Is An Albatross Around Neck

I just can’t get over these wronged consumers of Tesla Solar, none of them show righteous anger. It’s as though they hesitate to upset the Supreme Being who has made their lives living hell because Tesla won’t respond to fix the problems they created on someone’s roof. Texts and emails unanswered. Locked up chat apps. Ghosted by the company, no service advisors ever reach out. No way to call Tesla and expect a human to pick up after hurdling through voice jail.

This company is willfully killing its brand with their lack of service. Why? What’s Musk next game after he loses Tesla?…

I thought Tesla Solar was about selling enough lithium batteries so the battery plant could be efficient and cost effective for the EV cars.

Proved to be a loser and no longer needed by Tesla. But you would think they would want to clean up the loose ends. Bad public relations.


Ford and others look to take Musk’s car business. Musk seems to be abandoning Tesla Solar customers regardless of shareholder interest.

Two questions:

  1. If you were an astronaut how would you feel about riding on one of the Tony Stark wannabe’s rockets?

  2. Is the Twitter acquisition a financial bit of misdirection rather than a sincere offer to buy the company?