Irony: Tesla Investor Day on Youtube, and Not The "Everything" Social Media Which Ole Sparky Has Destroyed

Whoever is deejaying this music before the presentation needs to turn in their ears. They definitely need a recall.


Geez, what an embarrassing snoozefest. Ole Sparky has definitely lost his mojo, and his tired team sound unsure of their pie in the sky pronouncements.

These guys are acting like they are the only car company on planet Earth that uses new tech machines to build their cars, design their own software for Driver Assistance, and design parts and build their own batteries.

It’s like they are willfully ignoring the competition advances and leadership in everything from A/I to battery swaps.

I am amazed Investor Day is just a pump fest, nothing new, just old pumps dusted off with a new sheen of “Shazam!”

And so much for “Investor Day” discussions of you know, Tesla F/A. Zach Kirkorn was not there to talk last quarter or this quarter. How weak is Zach’s Sauce?

Praise Elon, and pass the pump!

“It’s definitely real” (talking about the ugly Cybrtruck) makes me think of Donald Trump or some other liar at a State Fair carny booth.

I can’t take anymore. Did people drive cross country to see this tepid infomercial?

Tesla down -5.89% in after-hours.

Looking to add $TSLQ shares to my nibble come tomorrow.

Tesla needs a professional IR to stop this stupidity of dog and pony shows.

People don’t believe Musk any longer. And they don’t believe he’s a savvy CEO with this destruction he’s ruled over at Twitter.

Please, only wake me if Musk makes some new pronouncement because he’s monitoring stock price. (Can’t wait to hear how the pumpers spin all this tomorrow.)

Woah! Here comes the Press:

Elon Musk’s Tesla ‘Master Plan 3’ Presentation Was a Chaotic, Boring, Confusing Mess

Elon Musk presented Tesla’s much-hyped “Master Plan 3" on Wednesday, in the company’s first “investor day” livestream. But instead of revealing a new Tesla model, specifying the date of the repeatedly delayed Cybertruck launch, introducing a more affordable electric car (as previously promised), or announcing some significant advancement in the company’s robo-taxi plans, Musk took a different approach, offering almost no new information about Tesla products.

In the company’s 2017 “Master Plan, Part Deux,” Musk promised big things like electrified “high passenger-density urban transport” and a fully autonomous Tesla fleet of robo-taxis. Neither has come close to existing in the intervening years; instead, the company delivered the infamously stupid Las Vegas Loop—a glorified single lane tunnel. Meanwhile, Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” tech remains very far from being fully self driving.

Not bad. Tesla only down -$14.70 at this moment. Had been trading below $186.00 earlier in this morning. This thing might recover today if Woods, Black, Gerber, Munro etc., would just guest on CNBC and start the pump about Mexico factory.

Tesla gets its own “lane” over the Nuevo bridge between Texas and Mexico? "Listen up, Smugglers . . . "

LOL… gotta love the dedicated Tesla lane. :rofl:

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

I have longed held too that when Musk looks up and to the left or right, he’s just passing a brainfart:

Looks like the unstoppable Pumps for Elon guy, Omar, has finally begun deprogramming from the cult where he was a big shot for years. Omar is crazy. This will be fun to watch going forward. Musk had better give this fanboy an olive branch quickly or there will be hell to pay later:

This is an eye-opener: one of the biggest pro-Tesla F/A boosters on Twitter, @TroyTeslike, had this to say about the Investor Day Snoozefest:

The faithful on Twitter and elsewhere are finally sniffing some smelling salts:

Discounting this late into Q3 does not bode well for EU deliveries:

I am only the messenger:

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PT, I know you dislike Musk… and by extension, Tesla and Twitter.

But the stuff you’re looking at is missing the story of what’s happening at Tesla. That’s easy to do because there is a big “anti-Tesla” camp. And, admittedly, there is a big “Tesla fan-boi” camp. But in between, there are a few sources of good info:

Rob Maurer (~12 minute daily M-F YouTube daily news)
James Stephenson (~6 minute to 60 minute detailed financial analysis)
Sandy Munro (~10 minute to 60 minute detailed technical analysis)

To me, it doesn’t matter so much. I have no intense desire to point out the details of Tesla here. And I suspect most folks on this board don’t know what’s happening and just go with the flow since nobody has made the effort to point it out.

But if you’re wanting to see what’s REALLY going on there, I suggest watching Rob Maurer’s youtube reports as a start, unless you’re more interested in the tech details (then it’s Munro). Tesla ain’t the Tesla you seem to think it is (vehicles, manufacturing, finances, plans). If you have any specific questions about Tesla, I’ll see what I can do to point you to the answer. But I don’t care if anyone loves Musk or hates Musk… it’s irrelevant to me.

If you’re not interested, that’s fine. I won’t bring it up again. :slight_smile:

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

I was totally unaware Tesla is still shipping cars without the USS buyers paid for. This is not the way to run a car company - any car company - if true.

He’s killing our brand recognition

- Rock & Cat9

Reluctant $TSLA investor through two ETFs with 30-50 stocks in a basket.