$COIN CEO Takes Credit for Ad Agency's Idea

This guy is shaping up to be a mini-Musk. Note that a female CMO at Martin Agency in Richmond, VA pitched this jackwagon the idea of the floating QR code which garnered so many “hits” it crashed Coinbase’s servers. Of course, this male chauvinist pig stole her idea, bragged he produced this “in-house” when the idea was brought to fruition by another ad agency, Accenture.

Business Insider Headline: Coinbase CEO bashes ad agencies and their ‘gimmicky’ ideas, then backpedals after a major ad firm calls him out and claims credit for the company’s Super Bowl ad


Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong kicked off an advertising-related controversy this week by claiming on Twitter that his company’s spartan Super Bowl commercial was developed in-house. The resulting clash revealed the behind-the-scenes messiness over partnerships and ideas that can occur in the world of big budget, high stakes advertising.

The chief executive of the cryptocurrency exchange platform tweeted out a thread Monday to explain the genesis of the company’s Super Bowl advertisement, which featuring a floating QR code. He wrote that he rejected “a bunch of standard” game day pitches from an “outside agency.” Armstrong went on to critique “gimmicky” commercials and encouraged founders to allow their teams “to break the rules on marketing.”

“No ad agency would have done this ad,” he wrote.

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