Cold War on Netflix

Netflix has a new series, “Turning Point, The Bomb and the Cold War.” Whether or not you are old enough to remember the events in real time (most METARs are) this series has videos and interviews that are revelatory. Blood chilling.

Definitely on-topic for METAR since “a nuclear war will spoil your whole day” and this threat is more current than ever.

For a little light amusement, read the book, “Fail Safe,” and watch the satirical take-off movie, “Dr. Strangelove.” The movie is as close to the book as, say, “Jaws” is to “Moby Dick.”



Highly recommend the doc Command and Control:


Think the full version is on YT broken into chapters


The press is misreporting.

We are in the cold war today. The press is building up to declare that.

The next generation is inheriting our cold war. Informing them of this has a lot of importance in our democracy.

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