College admissions: CRT bad, CLT good

A few POTUS campaign cycles ago, the two main candidates sat for an inquisition by a “mega church” Pastor. The candidate from a denomination very close to the Pastor’s, of course, knew all the right answers and spooled them out with no problem. The other candidate, schooled in a different denomination, and trying to be unbiased, struggled.

A newish College admissions test, the “Classic Learning Test” is competing for acceptance with the ACT and SAT. The CLT is most often used for spawn who had been home schooled and by applicants to Christian universities. From some of the criticisms, it appears the test could as easily be called the “Christian Learning Test”.


Give them the test in Latin (“classic” language, after all). See how they do. Or they could TRY to take it in Greek. Which “classic” language will they scream about next?