Confidentiality for SSNI

Silver Spring Networks, Inc. submitted an application under Rule 24b-2 requesting confidential treatment for information it excluded from the Exhibits to a Form 10-Q filed on August 9, 2016.

Based on representations by Silver Spring Networks, Inc. that this information qualifies as confidential commercial or financial information under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(4), the Division of Corporation Finance has determined not to publicly disclose it. Accordingly, excluded information from the following exhibit(s) will not be released to the public for the time period(s) specified:

Exhibit 10.7 through January 25, 2022

Well I wonder what that’s all about, but getting the confidentiality they asked for from the SEC sounds good for SSNI.


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I was attempting to ascertain if confidentiality is generally good news or bad news. I found an interesting white paper……


I looked through some of the attached link. It seems like it would be really helpful if you were to highlight some of the interesting parts as they pertain to SSNI receiving a grant of confidentiality from the SEC.

The article appears to be related to investment firms controlling over $100M in funds which doesn’t seem to fit our example with SSNI.

Again, the document was quite lengthy, and I just scanned it.

Were there specifics you thought were important enough to highlight for the group?


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Does this “Confidentiality Permission” exclude the same information from insiders?

I admit I may be totally missing the point of the request.