Famed Short Marc Cohodes Just 2-3 Months Ago: "Silverbank . . . Is A Publicly Traded Crime Scene

These letters to the SEC, I sure hope he shares with us on Twitter. I don’t know how I missed his original call, other than my Twitter feed has gone to hell.

Oh man, he doesn’t pull a single punch, and he’s pi$$ed and more determined than ever to bring Silvergate to Justice.

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Just refreshing this post for those who missed it first time.

Meet the short investor who is behind the breakdown Due Diligence of $SI and $SIVB.

He uses bar language (the way employees talk about some rough customers we’re about to toss) and if that repulses you, you may as well not open this link.

But this is educational. The markets had this story last week, Cohodes, who was vilified by Silicon Valley bros on Twitter simply bulldozed them all the gutters. Helluva Netflix story will come out of this. I’m hoping the Economist, Financial Times, or Matt Levine do a whole cover issue (like Levine recently did for crypto.)