Consequences of Immigration for Public Finances

Out of the University of Amsterdam School of. Economics (van de Been et al.)

From Table 0.2, Average net contribution of immigrants to public finances, by immigration motive and region, including the cost for the second generation

Labor immigration from Japan,
 North America & Oceania            625K euro
Asylum immigration from Africa    - 625K
Study immigration from EU            75K
Study immigration from Africa     - 250K


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One of the Congressmen who made that junket to the border the other day, was on the BBC news last night.

His issue with the administration’s budget request for more money for Border Patrol agents and more immigration judges to assess asylum requests, is more judges would mean more claims processed faster and more people admitted to the US. He doesn’t want anyone from the south coming into the US. Read what you want into his position.



He is from the South. Deport him and don’t allow him to return.

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iirc, the Congressman in question was from Montana.

In the upper Midwest, declining population in rural areas makes for shortages of people to work in meat packing. They seem delighted to get more with green cards.

Most asylum seekers get rejected. Faster processing means more green cards but also less time in the US for those rejected.

Long delays are a problem that should be addressed.

The congressman’s position was clear: he doesn’t want anyone coming in across the southern border. As a Senate luminary said the other day “the US is full” (at least of the people who come across the southern border), As another luminary said a few years ago, the problem is they aren’t from Norway.



That is his problem.