This is hard to watch

Click the link to see the video of children on their trek to America.
The truth is Mexico will mostly stop immigration to the US. Mexico needs the labor for factories very often.

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I submitted a proposed idea for a law to prevent people from being sent from any other state if they (the other state) were sent at the direction of the other state.

The immigrations are only going to increase.

Storms, floods, fires and other extreme weather events led to more than 43 million displacements involving children between 2016 and 2021, according to a United Nations report.

More than 113 million displacements of children will occur in the next three decades, estimated the UNICEF report released Friday, which took into account risks from flooding rivers, cyclonic winds and floods that follow a storm.

Some children, like 10-year-old Shukri Mohamed Ibrahim, are already on the move. Her family left their home in Somalia after dawn prayers on a Saturday morning five months ago.

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Regarding refugees we are only at the beginning. Life has improved greatly for humanity over the last century, but now with GCC, ecological, and political instability issues rapidly rising we will need to rethink a lot.

david fb


That is the writing on the wall. Our job is to wash our environment as if washing the wall.

That is not why these kids are heading north. Their parents want better-paying jobs. Who doesn’t?

A piece on the news last night might be illuminating. Instead of sneaking across the border, people simply show up, and surrender to the Border Patrol, claiming a right to asylum. Border Patrol agents open doors in the wall for them. Border Patrol agents cut openings in the razor wire for them. Because international treaties say refugees should be accommodated.

The next problem is whether to give the migrants work permits, while they wait for the hearing on their asylum claim. If they are not given work permits, they drain social services funding, because they can’t earn a legitimate income… If they are given work permits, then they “take jobs from Americans”, and access to work and income, incentivizes more to come.

This all brings us back to the question of whether Mexico is “safe” within the meaning of the refugee treaties. If Mexico is “safe”, that country is obligated to provide refuge, rather than simply passing them through to the US.


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That is not so simple.

“Sucks I had to help with cutting and moving the razor wire earlier; demoralizing,” the agent said.

“The reality of the law is that once they’re in the United States, they have to be taken into custody, that barbed wire is in the United States, it’s already inland,” said Art Del Cueto, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council. “When those individuals reach the barbed wire, it is the job of the agents to detain them and protect them into custody. Now the agent ain’t gonna go through the barbed wire fence and get cut up and stuff. So the only recourse you have is to actually cut those pieces of our work. So we can take the individual in the country that once again, are already within the United States.”

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Dead Wrong. Leap, I am surprised at you, but except for the Mexicans and a very few others the migration is NOT about jobs but truly about refuge. And yes, jobs don’t hurt, and controlling that is a seperate conversation about corrupt employers in the USA.

I know it ain’t jobs, as I’ve talked to hundreds of them when the main migration route passed close to me a few years ago, when my town was on the main route north (the route shifts as Mexican national and local politics and their deals shift). The Venezuelans and Central Americans (and a few Columbians and even further south) are fleeing catastrophically rotten governments and civil societies with streets under the control or daily menace of gangs of various types (drug traffickers, pro-gov thugs, old fashioned bullies on steroids…).

The world needs new policies regarding refugees, as the nature of refugees has shifted since the post WWII era. If we want to fix these problems we need to reach a new world wide concensus on policy and reform/refound the UN to implement, while USA

  1. address the nastinesses of our ugly client states in Central America
  2. pray and long term bribe and coerce Venezuela and Columbia to stop their insanities
  3. severely punish employers of illegal aliens,

Fat Chance. So mostly we simply need to deal with it and educate the refugees to our advantage.

david fb


Earlier people left for jobs in part or larger part. They were the risk-takers. The more risk takers to leave the more authoritarian the governments become. Risk takers keep authoritarianism at bay without them it is carte blanche for dictators and drug lords.

While it is not an either-or money or refugee it is the money. Jobs to the south are not there or as well paid. You can not expect people not to want to be upwardly mobile. We are talking inherently the risk takers.

BTW I had been addressing this…That is not why the southerners are coming north.

The Mexican government wants them as workers in Mexico. The buildout of factories in the US and Mexico will enrich Mexico. Mexico needs more labor over time.

From the bits of news I have heard the US and Mexico have designed a policy to keep the deeper southern immigrants in Mexico.

Steve pointed out immigrants getting onto US soil in one spot.

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We could go back to the policies of a century ago, when US Marines stomped all over Central America, making the area “safe for purchase”. To this day, I am amazed that the “advisors” deployed to El Salvador (because there were Commies in Nicaragua), did not escalate into another 'Nam, especially after one of the advisors was killed, while he sat in his car, waiting for his girlfriend.

There was plenty of chatter about the US intervening in Venezuela while fawning over Juan GuaidĂł.

Do we really want “Roosevelt Corollary 2.0”?

A thought crosses my mind: do any of these Venezuelans make for Brazil or Argentina, instead of the US?

fun with data. US State Department information makes most of Mexico look to be no place for Gringos. But, outside of the murder rate, crime in MX, on average, does not look terribly higher than in Shiny-land.

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Firearm murders in MX are lower, probably because gun ownership is far lower. So how do they kill? Chop people up with a machete?

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Notice I carefully said bribe and coerce, and I hereby rule out any such stupidity as that. Our invasions of Mexico over the past two centuries are a large part of why we have such troubles now – Mexicans CANNOT trust us.

And yes, the initial surges of Venezuelans did head for local neighbors, including Columbia, but the welcome has gotten very cold and that route is basically closed.
We need to deal with this on a world wide scale, but we are incapable of it due to our political backwardness and lack of a functioning UN or etc.

david fb


Just because we took 2/3 of their country? Why would they hold a grudge? (See: Putin v Ukraine)


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There is something wrong with that map.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

BTW we really did not take any Mexican territory. We took indigenous people’s land. Let’s keep it real.

Just because very prominent 'thought leaders" are asking for battle plans to invade Mexico, now?


Because we do not have enough to do…

That would:

  1. Put the US on the same moral footing as Russia in Ukraine, and
  2. Be an economic disaster. Those who cut trade ties with Russia over their invasion could make exactly the same argument with the US.



It would also unite all Mexicans, rich and poor, narcotraficantes and anti-narco special forces, indigenous and mestizo, with stunning intensity and rapidity. I would be with them.

david fb


Yep. Mexico would become an enemy. Heck, even Canadians might get peeved.

On the other hand, this talk is mainly for the purpose of getting this particular “thought leader” elected to public office. I doubt that any such plans would actually come to fruition. At least at the federal level. It would not shock me if he were able to stir up some manner of armed individuals to attempt to carry out this plan on their own.

And that is where the real danger lies. I see no reason for Mexico to differentiate between the regular armed forces, and groups of rag-tag irregular fighters. In either case, it would be an armed invasion by fighters acting in the name of the US. And the terrible consequences I mentioned earlier could easily result.

And THAT is what makes this kind of talk so dangerous, both politically and economically.


The difference, of course, is the US is Shiny. Shiny-land has the self-assigned right to do as it pleases. As a previous “though leader” said, the US “does not need a permission slip”.

Bay of Pigs 2.0 Blackwater, or whatever it’s called now, is probably hurting without all the lush contracts handed to it in Iraq. Or maybe Wagner Group? I have read that Wagner is to be realigned as a military intervention force under the FSB.


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