Consumer Reports: Ford Mach-E Best EV

… disappointing news for Tesla fanboys, but I suspect they never liked CR much.…

This year, the publication’s members “reported very few problems with the Mustang Mach-E so far, giving it an important advantage over the Model Y and even the Model 3.” (CR notes that the Mach-E is more similar to the Tesla Model Y than the Model 3 but that the Model Y’s issues with reliability have kept it out of its top picks.)



Now you’ve done it.

A bit of exaggeration here, but this guy IS a big Tesla fan and long-term owner. But for some time now I have thought Musk has completely lost his focus. Cyber truck is a disaster. An inability to mature into a real car company that can do more than simply sell cars. Satellite internet. Humanoid robots? Oh, and FSD. Sorry, there just isn’t really much of a need for this in passenger cars. And he can’t deliver it anyway.

Musk has lost his focus. The company is going to suffer.

Oh, and I really want a Mach-E.