Cotton waste made into battery anode

No lithium required. Secret process.

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Sounds like the sort of thing I saw in “Popular Science”, every month.


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They are just using glittery coins to distract you from the graphite they are using for anodes.

Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that is carbon based can be reduced to pure carbon black. What you do with it after is up to you.

I opened the link to double verify the word “burn”. Check. Check and Check.

Now, when they can find enough “free” cotton waste that is not compromising otherwise agricultural space devoted to food and they can figure out how to do it without burning, THEN we’ll be talking.

In other news, my wife (she’s really quite talented!) is starting a dead grass to battery production process. First article in 2024 and production of roughtly 1.6 AA batteries in terminal production rate by 2026. They’ll be forsale for only 29,000 per AA cell. Hellova deal!!

I’m already looking ahead to phase two, charcoal briquet anodes. 110x the production and we’ve outsourced the burning! NEW! Improved! (Invest in kingsford, pls)

But it sure is interesting to read about, isn’t it?