Covid deaths in the vaccinated: numbers

I am always happiest when I can see actual numbers, preferably large data sets. I’m happy to see that Covid deaths in the vaccinated are low and always with risk factors.…

**Which Fully Vaccinated Adults Are Most at Risk of Severe COVID?**
**— Study examines which factors did, and didn't, play a role in risk**

**by Molly Walker, Deputy Managing Editor, MedPage Today January 6, 2022**

**A significant proportion of all fully vaccinated adults who died of COVID-19 had at least four risk factors associated with severe outcomes, researchers found.**

**In addition to older age (65 and up) and being immunosuppressed, having chronic kidney, cardiac, pulmonary, neurologic, or liver diseases, as well as diabetes, were all associated with higher odds of severe COVID outcomes, and 77.8% of fully vaccinated adults who died had at least four of these risk factors...**

**Overall, 1,228,664 adults completed a primary vaccination series, and of those, 2,246 contracted COVID-19. Of these, 327 were hospitalized, 189 had a severe outcome, and 36 had a COVID-related death....**

**Risks of severe outcomes were lower for those who received Moderna than Pfizer or J&J...** [end quote]

Here is the original data report:…

The Covid-19 variants included Delta and pre-Delta but not Omicron.

I am happy to see that the vaccines are highly effective in preventing severe Covid and death in the real world. The few who died had one foot in the grave anyway and Covid was just the banana peel.



This is a great study.
My only wish is that they would have also included a similar sized group of unvaccinated cases for comparison.


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