Poll: Over half of U.S. has had Covid


**Over 50% of U.S. Population Has Contracted COVID-19, CDC Says**
**— But prior infection does not guarantee protection against reinfection, officials caution**

**by Molly Walker, Deputy Managing Editor, MedPage Today, April 26, 2022**

**Half of the U.S. population has been infected with COVID-19, including 75% of children and adolescents, CDC officials announced on Tuesday (today)...**

**All sequenced infections in the U.S. are Omicron, with subvariant BA.2 accounting for 68% of circulating viruses, and the BA.2.121 subvariant, which was originally identified in upstate New York, comprising 30% of sequences identified...there is no evidence that it produces more severe disease. ...**

**Deaths are declining (down 18% vs the prior week), but hospitalizations are trending upwards -- about 9% higher than a week ago -- while cases have increased 25% since last week to about 44,000 a day...** [end quote]


This is the leading edge of a new surge of infection. It will probably follow the same pattern as the past 2 years. Mild spring and summer surges propelled by Memorial Day and the 4th of July and a larger winter surge.

Have you had Covid yet?

  • No.
  • Yes, once.
  • Yes, more than once.

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I wanted to say, ‘not that I know of’ because I have had a couple of colds since I resumed somewhat limited normal activity, but never Covid symptoms as far as I could tell.


We had it very early on, and have just gotten our dog off prednisone that was required for over 15 months for long covid. Since we are going for our 4th shot soon, am not too worried about getting very sick from this, but very afraid of getting an asymptomatic case that we kill our dog with. He obviously, is not vaccinated.

Had allergy symptoms the other day, shortly after a friend tested positive. I took a test given her husband only was tested because he thought he had allergy symptoms. Happily, negative for me.


Don’t know which wasn’t a choice.



I voted No. As far as I know, I’ve avoided COVID-19. However, there’s a possibility that I had an asymptomatic case at some point. It’s also possible that my 36-hour illness (fever and coughing) I had at the very beginning of 2020 was an early undetected case of COVID-19.

I had covid but I never got sick. I voted for having it once but maybe I had it more than once? Also, I know someone who had it 3 times.

I believe there are a lot of folks who had covid and they don’t know it. That is the case with my wife. She got a blood test during her check-up and sure enough, she had it at one point.

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I’m in the “I don’t think so” category.

But I’m curious about the significant difference between reporting sites like worldometers or The NY Times, which are reporting just over 80 million cases - or about 25% of the population has had covid.

Yes, undiagnosed and asymptomatic cases are certainly part of the difference. But are there really that many?


Don’t know which wasn’t a choice.

DW & I might have had it this past winter. Had mild symptoms from something that lasted about a week. Wasn’t fired up about getting tested because it wouldn’t have changed our activity pattern either way. Stayed home, took ibuprofen as needed, kept hydrated, and read a book in front of the fireplace.